When the apathy sets in, what can we do?

It happens, during our spiritual journey, that at times we lose the will to act. We let our meditation slip, or we eat the foods we know don’t serve us.

As we sink deeper we realise that the ego has tricked us. In order to protect its hold over us, it has told us that these disciplines don’t matter, and there’s no harm in just having one pint, or just having a blow-out for one night.

And it’s right… thereĀ is no harm in a one-night blow-out. Unless it then leads to a second night. And a third…

We have to regain our power at some point, and the longer we leave it the harder it gets. So the solution is simple…

Take one action that takes us towards our goal.

Just one. Maybe that’s having a piece of fruit if our diet has been slipping. Or sitting down to meditate for 15 minutes if our practice has been forgotten.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. We takeĀ one action that raises our consciousness, that increases our vibration, that makes us feel just a little bit more alive.

And we let it build from there.

In those moments of apathy, let’s muster up whatever energy we can and take that one action.

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