Dealing With Shame

Dealing With Shame

Shame is the darkest of the feelings, the one that holds us back most, and when we start looking deeply it’s amazing what we’re carrying shame about… it could be basic bodily functions, it could be money, it could be sex, it could be any number of things.

The danger with carrying shame is that we repeat the same pattern over and over again to bring back that feeling that we ‘crave’ – the feeling that we’re a mistake, the feeling that we’re not worthy.

And until we deal with shame, there is little we can do to advance our ascension.

We may get glimpses of higher levels—of unconditional love, of abundance, of one-ness—but that shame will always drag us back.

And the first step to escaping shame is to recognise the source of the shame, and to recognise the repeating patterns.

The source is probably somewhere in our early years. As we did things and detected disapproval, we might have internalised the feelings; having no-one to talk to about these ‘taboo’ subjects, and having no emotional intelligence to process the feelings in a helpful way. Shame is all about the old stories we’re telling ourselves.

And so we can begin to ascend. We must recognise that it’s not the actions causing feelings of low self-worth, it’s our feelings of low self-worth causing the actions. Our outer world is merely coming into line with our inner world (as it always does, no exceptions).

So let’s continue to take those actions, if we must, but not allow them to hurt us any longer. Let’s surrender. Let’s realise that no amount of force or willpower will change them.

And let’s realise that when we surrender, they lose their power. We no longer feel shameful, and our pure spirit can begin to blossom.

We may find that the actions cease of their own accord. We may not. Whatever happens is what it meant to happen. When we try to change them, they persist. When we surrender and let go, there’s a good chance we’ll find them withering away.

Let’s not beat ourselves up; let’s not worry; let’s surrender to our true nature and release the feelings of shame, and let’s feel the shift and see what happens in our lives…

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