Esteem Without Arrogance

Esteem Without Arrogance

I was asked “How can I raise my self-esteem without being arrogant.”

And I think the key is that it’s all about being better. Not being better than.

This is a pretty interesting problem with any kind of ascension process. We do everything we can to distance ourselves from our ego and get more authenticity with our spirit, and then we feel so good about our achievement that our ego pipes up once again… “Look at me! Aren’t I awesome! Aren’t I clever!

So that healthy self-esteem is about knowing that you are on a valid path—valid for you, nobody else—and that you can’t make a mistake (because all actions and their results are just ‘what is’, not good or bad). When you know that you have value without projecting your path and your values onto others; without thinking that they should be like you, or know what you know.

It’s about not judging others (or, indeed, yourself). It’s about recognising that your path is your path, and their path is theirs. Neither is better or worse… all are valid.

It’s probably better to raise your self-esteem and risk arrogance (becoming aware, and dealing with it as it occurs) than to never raise it in the first place.

The most common pattern I’ve seen is to take a position of superiority and arrogance to hide a lack of self-esteem. This is probably the least helpful route for all concerned!

If you’re worried about the ego and arrogance taking over as you raise your consciousness and self-esteem, it’s probably a fair bet that you’ll be ok!

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