Having More Dreams? A Sure Sign of Ascension Processing…

Having More Dreams? A Sure Sign of Ascension Processing…

In all my life I’ve only remembered maybe one or two dreams per year. I never thought anything of it.

That is until I started The Presence Process. On my very first night after my first breathing session I had a really vivid and interesting dream, and remembered it clearly on waking.

And what’s more, I’ve had a similar experience every single night since then. That’s four months and counting.

The really interesting thing is the messages that have been delivered in those dreams… sometimes they ask me to do something; to think differently, or be more courageous, or take an action I hadn’t thought of; and sometimes they’re just powerful release experiences. I realised I had let go of shame during a dream, and it was a dream that made me finally let go of the conditioning we pick up through our 15 years at school.

With such a powerful processing tool, we should do everything to keep it working, right?

And there was a time over the last few weeks that I realised my dreams were becoming weaker, and my memory of them likewise. Sometimes it would take something happening in the daytime to ‘break’ the dream.

That weakening coincided with my lack of discipline in meditation.

We can’t force the subconscious to do anything, but we can put everything in place to allow it to do its work.

And having re-committed and become disciplined once again about my 15 minutes’ meditation twice a day, the dreams are back and doing their miraculous work once again.

I’m interested… do you experience your ascension processing through dreams? Or other means?

Have you found they’ve come and gone? Was that related to your discipline with meditation?

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