How To Stay Grounded (Literally)

How To Stay Grounded (Literally)

I was feeling rather out of sorts the other day. You know when you feel the things you don’t want to feel? Everything you do seems to be tinged with negative consciousness like anger or guilt…

I’d been to my Yoga class, and apart from the good stretch, it hadn’t helped. I’d been conscientious in my meditation. I’d been stuffing my face with all the wrong foods (yeah, ok, that one probably didn’t help).

But when it comes down to it, I was in a funk.

Then I realised that I simply wasn’t feeling grounded.

I took off my shoes and socks and immediately felt better. Then went outdoors, away from the artificial heating, out into the chilly, fresh autumn air.

And I immediately felt alive.

Sometimes, all it takes is to remember that we are connected to the universe, and a ‘never fail’ way I do that is to stand barefoot outdoors and breathe in the fresh air – whatever the time of day or night. Just be outdoors with the soles of your feet grounded to the earth.

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