Return Routes

Return Routes

Just as we’re sometimes convinced we have to work hard for financial rewards, we often think we have to work hard for spiritual rewards – and by spiritual rewards I mean being able to access our emotional, spiritual and vibrational planes of existence.

And it’s true that to start with, we may need to work hard. We need to do the hours of meditation and being present. We need to recognise the reflections of ourselves in the world.

But we don’t always have to jump through the hoops. Once we’ve found our way to the emotional plane, a shorter path often becomes clear.

It’s almost like we’ve found all sorts of secret passages and tunnels in the ‘creaky old house’ of our being and squeezed our way to the ‘attic floor’ of the emotional plane, covered in dust and cobwebs. And when we arrive there, we notice the perfectly good staircase we could have taken if only we’d known about it.

Sure it might be a slightly steeper staircase than the others in our house, but it’s no more challenging than any other to climb. And so, by carefully retracing our steps down the staircase and into the material plane we learn of its access point, and can make use of it whenever we wish in the future.

So let’s examine how hard we think our ascension has to be… and if it seems difficult, let’s have a look for those easier return routes once we’ve found our way to where we want to be.

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