The Power of Integration

The Power of Integration

Yesterday as I was walking along the street, minding my own business I had a sudden flash of realisation.

Why did no-one tell me the value of integrating myself into a whole?

Ok. I know that we can’t tell anyone anything until they’re ready to hear it. In fact, maybe people were telling me the value but I wasn’t listening. But that’s all beside the point now…

Regular readers will be aware that I did a lot of work on myself over the summer of 2017. I was really fortunate to have a coach helping me with the often-bewildering rewiring that was going on in my brain. But one of the massive outcomes is the integration of all of my ‘parts’. I can accept and love each of them equally…

  • I’m a hippy… I love watching videos of people exploring their spirituality and travelling around interesting corners of the world.
  • I’m a nerd… I love languages and trains, in fact, show me an interesting foreign train and I can be absorbed for hours.
  • I’m a business guy… I wear the smart jacket and shirt and mix with the high flyers.
  • I’m awesome… I have ambition and goals and achieve anything I put my mind to.
  • I’m an addict… I have loads of habitual/addictive behaviours which aren’t my favourite thing about me and don’t really help me to get where I want to be.
  • I’m evil… I have a shadow side, like we all do, that thinks about things that no reasonable member of society would think about.

But what I’ve done over the summer is to integrate all those things into the whole. I accept the evil and the addictions and love myself no less for them. I bring hippy thought into my business dealings. I use my ambition to go and do nerdy things.

I don’t show everything to everyone… they don’t need to see it. But I’m not afraid to show it. That would mean that I couldn’t accept it myself.

So I accept myself, forgive myself, love myself, and I go out into the world without that fear. And nothing bad has happened yet.

(Sure, some people might think I’m a bit of a weirdo, but an equal number think I’m interesting or worth engaging with further).

If you’re exhausted from feeling you have to wear different ‘masks’ in different circumstances, I’d strongly recommend beginning to integrate yourself. Michael Brown’s “The Presence Process” is a great start, as is working with a good coach (ie. one who understands that there’s life and value beyond the physical and mental planes).

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