The Tremendously Fun Paradox of Enlightenment

The Tremendously Fun Paradox of Enlightenment

In order to find enlightenment, we must jump through many hoops, we must be disciplined in our life and our habits, we must be conscious about our actions and thoughts.

And after a long journey, after giving it our all, we discover that we had everything we needed all along and that none of the spiritual gymnastics were actually needed.

And when we think we might just be enlightened, we know we’re not, because the very fact we’re giving ourselves the label means that the ego is in charge.

And so the truly enlightened are the first to admit that they’re nowhere close to enlightenment.

So the joy isn’t in the destination, it’s in the path. Except the path is unnecessary.

But we only know that when we’ve walked it.

We have everything we need in everything we think and do every day, but the game is to pretend that we don’t.

This is the true fun and joy of the path of ascension, so let’s recognise the absurdity of the process and revel in every single moment of it.

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