The Truth about Truth

The Truth about Truth

We’re all, to some extent, on a quest to find the truth. And it’s not quite what we’re expecting to find.

You see, the truth is that there is no objective truth.

This can be hard to come to terms with. If there’s no truth, how can we find it? What are we really looking for?

Fortunately, there’s good news… because while there is not objective truth, there is personal truth.

We each have our own truth, relative to the context of our life situation, our values and our desires.

Let’s give an example…

Is a feeling of greed good?

  • To the stock trader who fears taking action because he feels out of place or unqualified, greed is a driving force that allows him to take action and do his job. Therefore it’s good.
  • To the poverty-stricken family, trying to make ends meet, greed is the cause of most of their problems. Therefore it’s bad.

Depending on your personal context you may agree or disagree with neither, either or both of those statements. The interesting thing, though, is that they’re both true in their own context. And you are correct whatever you believe about them.

It’s not just that two people can hold different opinions and both be right; it’s that there can be two different ‘objective’ truths existing at the same time that are both true.

Once we begin to understand and feel this paradox, the world starts to make a lot more sense.

(And as a bonus, we can take it much less personally when our own truth is rejected)

2 Replies to “The Truth about Truth”

  1. Hi, I have to challenge you a bit on your thinking. There are some absolute truths. For example, death is an absolute truth in that everyone will die. Other truths relating to laws of physics are also not a matter of opinion: if you jump off a bridge you will go down. The stuff you’re talking about is what buddhists call the neutrality of reality. Our past experience leaves imprints in our minds which force us to see a particular event as good or bad.

    1. Thanks, George. I agree on the material plane. But what if that’s all in our imagination anyway? What if I don’t die because I never existed?