When We’re Resisting

When We’re Resisting

Sometimes we find that we’re not doing the disciplines that we know will help us. We’re not eating properly, or we’re not honouring our 10 minutes of quiet time each morning, or we’re not doing the exercise we promised ourselves.

This isn’t a time to berate ourselves. It isn’t a time to get upset at our inability to stick to anything.

No, it’s a time to give ourselves more love and attention.

It’s extremely likely, at these times, that our ego is feeling insecure. It’s that inner child who is bewildered by the changes going on in our life.

It wants to keep us safe and secure, and whatever we don’t like about our life is, at least, comfortable.

So let’s give the inner child a hug. Let’s reassure him that it is ok and it’s going to be ok. Let’s commit to looking after him through the changes… answering his questions honestly and looking after his best interests.

And we’ll probably find the resistance will melt away. No force required. No willpower. Just love and compassion for ourselves.

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