Zafu Snafu

Zafu Snafu

It’s funny isn’t it, how the ego plays its games?

A while back I bought a zafu & zabuton for more, I don’t know… authentic? meditation. And it has taken me a very long time to realise that my meditation practice has suffered greatly.

You see, for me, meditation is about forgetting that the body is there. And with my Western legs and ligaments, sitting cross-legged isn’t the best way to do that.

So I’ve been skipping sessions, and fidgeting, and cutting them short, and altogether failing to clear my mind; it is pretty difficult to clear all thoughts when the major one is ‘ouch, my ankle shouldn’t be bending like that’.

But my ego didn’t want to give up. Naturally it doesn’t want me to meditate, because it’ll get found out. It risks becoming nothing if it allows me to continue my practice as I had planned. And it really doesn’t want that to happen.

But finally I realised the truth. I tried a meditation session in my trusty office chair and who’d’a thought it? The comfort of the chair allowed my mind to slip into a meditative state pretty quickly.

Now I just have to admit I was wrong. I have to admit that my ego wanted me to be a ‘proper’ Zen guy with the ‘proper’ kit, when in fact—as is always the case—I already had everything I needed.

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